Oxygen and medicines

Oxygen and medicines ---
In our Country, many  Covid 19 petitions are dying due to a shortage of oxygen cylinders and medicines,  as people are looking for more and more oxygen and medicines, some scammers use payment apps and WhatsApp to steal money from them.

Oxygen and medicines Scam

The fraud tweets will also have "verified" written on them with payment details more often than not. Sometimes these tweets also get amplified by influencers. Users should be wary of such tweets and the first call to check if the person is indeed giving the service.

Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have become the go-to places for people looking for information about hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and other Covid 19 resources. Some of these leads are helpful as people get the help they need as their voices are amplified by sharing and re-sharing of their tweets and posts. However, there is also a flip side to the blessing that the social media community is proving to be in these times. There is a lot of misinformation, unverified leads, and fake profiles that take advantage of vulnerable and desperate users seeking to get aid for their loved ones.

Oxygen and medicines Scam

These scammers will behave like authentic suppliers, some will even have Google addresses with the suffix Oxygen supplier or Oxygen seller, etc, to look convincing. Some scammers even pretend to be doctors. They ask for a booking amount or for the whole payment in advance. The transactions take place through online modes of payment like WhatsApp, Google Pay, Paytm, or through direct bank transfer. When the payment is done and victims reach out, the scammers either block them or do not receive their calls.

And also some are local scammer who takes the oxygen cylinder and sells it at a high cost, so that he can earn a high profit, just because of these people the supply rate of oxygen is decreasing in the hospital.

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