Real Incident (वास्तविक घटना) The poor man lost money online

Real Incident (वास्तविक घटना) The poor man lost money an online

This is the real incident, that was held on 20, May 2021. The poor unemployed man (Gopal Barman) who lived in the coochbehar district of West Bengal lost 32,000 rupees from his savings account, he was stuck in the trap of scammer during this pandemic period, when everyone is struggling for their life.


Highlighting Gopal's real incident

Gopal was an unemployed person, he depend on farming for his livelihood because of lockdown, he has pass out 12th standard but because of covid 19 he was unable to continue his study, because of unemployment Gopal started to search per time job's for his basic needs, one day in 11, April 2021 he found online earning platform through the internet, he joins the platform without any research and he started investing on the platform, the agent of the platform always stay connect with Gopal, in the beginning, the service was excellent and Gopal start to invest more money in the hope of profit, but after investing more money Gopal started to face the technical issue from the money-making platform, he tries to contact platform agent's but he was unable to contact them, he tries to get back his investment but he never get it back and his money was stuck on the platform, he came to know that it was an Online Scam and due to the poorness Gopal was unable to take any step agents them and in the end he give up.

 Mistakes that Gopal did

  • he trusts very easily the online earning platform.
  • he doesn't do any research before investing.
  • he invests all of his savings.
  • after knowing it was a scam he doesn't file any complaint agents them.

There is the real incident and mistakes of Gopal that he did to get profit and earn money faster, he lost 32,000 in 1 month, which is a huge amount for poor Gopal, Now Gopal not even come out from his home and he stopped meeting relatives and also stoped meeting friends, after this incident because he was facing lots of questions from the people's that he is unable to give an answer for those question, he lost money, respect and freedom which is most important to live.

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