Sharing Life company intro.

Sharing Life company intro.---

This is the Power-sharing company that frauded lot's of people, In the beginning, they pay money to win your trust and when you trust and spend your money it will pay you money and then the company tells you to share it to earn more money when you and your friends start to invest more money then the company starts to escape, they tell you that some system issue takes place we will solve it very soon and they stop paying money to the people, but this is the process of closing the company. soon after 2, 3 day's company run away with all the money, they even closed their helpline no. so friends please friends don't trust any company so easily, lot's of people lost their money even I have lost my money.

Sharing Life fraud company intro. 
this company look like this, please be aware of frauds 

The company provide a WhatsApp helpline number, through this helpline number their agent's contact you and tell you every good thing about this fraud company,  they force their users to invest in their company and they promise to give a better result, in the beginning, they provide excellent service but slowly they start to escape, first, they provide bad service and slowly they stop the withdrawal process and after some day's company run out whit all the money, you cannot even contact them because they closed all helpline services, so please friends be aware of this kind of frauds, otherwise, you will be the responsible for your situation know one help you please be aware.    

Sharing Life fraud company intro.

as you can see the company also shares their certificates but this is also fake, so please don't fall into any kind of their trap, it will only give pain and make your life difficult to live. many people lost their money and now they are crying to get back their money but they are not getting it back, so please be care full this kind of fraud can be done to anyone we have to beware itself, think twice before investing in this kinds of earning platforms.
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