Sharing Life Company Trap

Sharing  Life Company Trap---

This is the company that frauded lot's of people through online earning job trap, this company takes huge advantage of unemployment in this pandemic period, they offer lot's of people to earn good income daily, but you have to invest first and you will get daily income and your investment will be double within 25 days.

Sharing  Life Company Trap

Sharing  Life Company Trap

                                                               just like this☝☝☝
the company strategy    
the company shares the article based on current affairs so that the user can trust them easily, they take full advantage of every govt. post related to their company, like they tell their user, that company is launching an oxygen generator to help in the medical sector so that the company helps India recover covid 19 petitions. 

Many hoppers lost their money they get frauded in the exchange for their trust so friends do not trust any company blindly because many fraud companies are still frauding the people, in many countries so please friends be aware of online frauds.

Sharing  Life Company Trap

 When the company set everything to escape and close the company they told the common people that they are working on AI(artificial withdrawal system so please be patient and trust but the company run away after publishing this article, the company take huge advantage of unemployment in this pandemic period and escape with millions of money of the common people, so please friends don't invest your money in this kind of company.

Sharing  Life Company Trap

Sharing  Life Company Trap

These are the promises of the company,  in these pictures you can see how they promise, the people's at the end of closing the app and after 2,3 day's company collect all the money and run away with your money, because you contact them only in WhatsApp you cannot do anything to them without strong background.

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