Recently in Kolkata three person were caught in the case of cyber crime, A Beniapukur student and a Tangra resident were the last victims of this online frauds in Kolkata, each of the victims case were different On Tuesday, TOI had highlighted how cases of cyber crime have risen in the city, since pandemic stuck and more people moved to online platforms for essential work. on June and July as compare to march, 15% of cyber crime rate has increase.

The Cases are-
in the first case, Saswati Chakraborty, a computer science teacher  and a resident of IA Block in Salt Lake, use a fake online coupon place an other for food on I- Day, thinking she was contacting a top end Park street restaurant. The man posing as a delivery boy first asked her to download an app. When she failed to download the app, the person asked her to fil up a google form link. She was asked to share the OTP after payment success. As soon as she share her OTP she lost 50,000 rupees from his bank account, The Bidhannagar South Police has now registered FIR.

In second case, Suresh Sarkar Road resident Baktawara Khan alleged that between July 20 and august 16, unknown people  call his as employee of a leading ecommerce portal and inform him that he had won first prize in lucky draw and had won a SUV car. they induced him to pay 94,000 as a basic processing money. But they never delivered any car and also not returned the money. 


In the third case, Baishnab Seth Lane resident Rajeshwar prasad Singh Complained that the man Prasant Kumar call him as a agent of private Bank and he asked a man to pay 69,795 and after paying he will get Rs15 Lakh but after Paying he lose the contact from agent, and he lost 69,795 rupees, the FIR stated.


Now a day's knowing what is cyber crime is very important, every people should know about it but in India cyber crime is growing every month, many people don't know what is cyber crime and how it's occur even now, the scammer target the people who don't have good knowledge about internet and smart phone, just because of lack of information of technology they fall in the trap of scammers.


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