Entrepreneurship problems and trap

Entrepreneurship  problems and  trap


you will get to know traps and the problems that faced Entrepreneurs after joining in this field, you need to beware. 

About Entrepreneur--

being an entrepreneur is amazing you’re announcing to the world that you are your own boss essentially when you get into business especially in start-up mode, it tends to be everything's on your shoulders and you have to do it all yourself and all of that and then as a business starts to grow you literally can't do it in the short time it took time but due to no proper guidance for freshers many entrepreneurs got scammed by buying the online courses of entrepreneurs but that does not work.

Entrepreneur Traps--

the entrepreneurs trap it's a dark hole often discovered by those looking to the boss and build a company from the ground up many entrepreneurs who they're working all the time never take vacations they never see their family or their kids and that’s not why they got into business in In the first place it's an issue, if you have joined then you're caught in the entrepreneurs trap and even builder own business to help others find balance with their businesses, I’m talking about being continually stressed out annoyed frustrated overwhelmed their company, many people scammed you by selling their courses by promising you that you will become successful after attaining this course but it not true they only selling their course, you may get some knowledge but that cannot change your life you have to change it yourself.

The truth of Entrepreneur--

This is the ugly truth you don't see. firstly, you will be an entrepreneur and they will give you lots of pressure. And, this was the first physical sign that what you were doing wasn't healthy. But you ignored it and move forward.  Entrepreneurship is glamorized, especially on social media. We see the perfectly manicured image of what it should be when the biggest success stories embrace imperfection and failure in reality. You've got to be willing to fail. Because the losses are there to wake you up. The first thing that can happen is that 99% of the work behind the scenes, under the surface, yields 1% of the reward that people actually see. The equation for a successful business is really simple. It's a solution plus demand. Create a good product or service that solves a problem or satisfies the need, get people to pay for the product to prove that it's valuable, and then find more of those people to grow the business. The size of your audience, the fanciness of your camera equipment don't matter to the long-term success of a business. It's the testing and the 100 ideas that didn't work that lead to the one that did. That's a necessary part of the journey. The likes, the comments, the fancy clothes, the fancy cars, the praise from strangers online can make you feel successful but it is not true.

An entrepreneur is not a piece of cake you may become a success in this field but it will be going to take time, you need to face many problems and also have to sacrifice many things, so please do not go for shortcuts and do not pay money for the online courses they will never guarantee you that you will get the success they online stole your money so please beware of this kind of traps and scam.

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