What to do after investing money on United Capital Club

What to do after investing money on United Capital Club Scam

Know about the United Capital Club scam and the steps that you can take for recovering your money and can you get it back or not.

United Capital Club--

Today there has been so much unemployment that it has become difficult for everyone to get a job, in this unemployment, any company comes, whether it is fraud or real, everyone runs somewhere, it is necessary that the Fraud company goes ahead and stops and the real company it keeps going, today will get to know about a company that is real or not, and how it is work, and what it is doing, let's tell you the company UCC tourism is a company in short form, its the full form is United Capital Club, this company's branch is a US company but it is now a branch of the company, the branch is located in 10165 Summer Plaza New Delhi and the service that they provide is Honeymoon Packages Sending Tourism Packages Adventure gives all kinds of facilities, 

how people find them--

people find them by searching for jobs on OLX, shine.com, and Nokri.com or other job posting websites that will do everything for you when you enter anything for the job like typing Computer-Based job or a part-time job they will automatically catch you and show you high earning jobs, the moment you contact these people for the job, you will be given their contact numbers, or if you do a chat, they will contact you and then tell you to visit the office, after that, their package tour package and all the package will be delivered to you. you have to promote the company package online to earn which looks simple but that’s not true.

Complete plan--

what is the complete plan, when you come and register, after registering there is a ₹1000 non-refundable registration charge if you go to get the registration is done, then those people will say to upgrade Yogi and prince and the commission is made in 9000, the more you go once until you make an upgrade that the commission will be made but payment will not be given to you and you will unable to earn,

What to do after investing money on United Capital Club Scam

Trap work--

You will be given two types of work if you upgrade your ID: you will have to promote their packages online, such as tours, honeymoons, etc. 

the second type is, you need to find new people like you and make them invest just how you invest before joining, they never tell that what our real work will be, you will have to do your work as they say if you want to earn. they never tell about the referral earning system, in the beginning, they only tell you about it when you are stuck with it and you have no other option,

Referral earning system--

 if someone upgrades the with the ID, then 1000, 1200, or 1,800 the commission is made on such a person, then they called it the earning system, they tell you if you work 2 to 3 hours a day then also you can earn 2,000 to 4000 income per week, you have to catch and add a new member and make them upgrade if they don’t upgrade you will not get commission and you will be unable to earn money the upgrading amount is ₹4000,  ₹7000, and ₹10000 more you new member invests more you will earn.

Steps against them--

You cannot take direct action for them it will only waste your time because they already got prepared for this kind of problem even after lots of struggle you will be unable to punish them without strong background, rather than you can only have two choices you have to do what they say and recover your money which is very difficult and the other option is you should quit it and move on and never get stuck on that kind of trap and scam so that at last you can save your time and money, taking the legal action would not be so much easy so you should move on and start your life in a new way.

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