Amount debited through AnyDesk app by fraud process to get amount

Amount debited through AnyDesk app by fraud process to get amount

Know how you can recover your money that has been scammed through a scammer during an online transaction or without any transaction.

Hello everyone today through this article we will tell you how to recover the money back from the AnyDesk application that had been withdrawn by scammers many people have lost their money through this application, here is the solution to how you will get back the money.

AnyDesk scam

Suppose someone has recently withdrawn money from your AnyDesk balance, then you need to know how to get money back. We are going to discuss that as we understand that your money has arrived. If you then let me tell you that Anydeck application used to see another person mobile to your device, you will get the number and have to add it to the application through your phone or laptop and click on connect, then as you click on it, then it set automatically and will be able to do it from there and you will be able to see its phone on your computer whether in mobile, okay so much so that you all know how does this AnyDesk application work and what is its used, now how this scam occurs it has happened several Times, if you talk about how to get the money back, and you can bring it back if you lost the money from your account then first you have to call the bank's helpline number online you have to call that bank and explain what has happened, you have to call them and tell them how your money was deducted, the number will be given you in the massage which will send to you by bank to your registared mobile number, after money deductions, you have to tell them your problem then they will give a number to whom you have to speak, you must talk with them and have to tell your incident briefly so that they can help, they file a complaint itself against them, firstly the bank will close your online transaction platform like Paytm, google Pay and debit card credit card etc. but some bank don’t close those cards SBI or other bank close those things for safety, they will ask you before closing your online paying accounts, then after that you will get some time you need to wait patiently, after that, they will see your transaction record and find out when and through which platform it happens, and what you did before scam? If he has got you and your money, he/she will inform you after their complete verification, if the verification is complete then they will notice you and the money will be re-credited to your account you will be able to get back the money after the verification process you just need to wait patiently and let them do their work if you really got scammed then they will re-credit your money.

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