How to stop hacking phone, laptop or computer


How to stop hacking phone, laptop or computer

Find out how to avoid becoming a victim of a hack or fraud as well as how to prevent a hacker from accessing your phone or computer.

Nowadays everyone uses the internet on their smartphone, laptop or computer and without internet, these devices look like a box or playing toys, here on the internet when we search anything, see anything on the internet, doing online transactions, any online payment or using any social media app through the internet many people do small mistake every day while using the internet but these mistakes are very dangerous you may get hacked by the hacker and can face some serious problem, so you should never do this small mistakes while using internet on smartphone, laptop or computer.

Mistakes while using the internet

Mistakes that may cause a serious problem while using the internet on a smartphone, laptop, or computer are-

  1. http: and https: - So the first mistake is a very common mistake and also the biggest mistake that people do every day without knowing it the first mistake is, not knowing the difference between http: and https: while using the internet and opening website you may see in the upside of the website there is always located a website link which is starting from http: or https: and without knowing the difference or wither it is safe or not you fill your personal details or make payment through which you may face a very big problem or lose your money, full form of http: is hypertext transfer protocol this is a type of protocol which use on the internet but without security, and full form of https: is a hypertext transfer protocol secure (with security) which means https: give more security as compared to http: if you fill your personal details or make payment on the website which link start http: than you should beware because the hacker may easily hack your personal details and can use against you, make sure that you are filling your personal details or making paymet on https: link website otherwise you may get hacked.
  2. Allowing permission on the app- This is also another big mistake caused on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform where your relatives or friends share or post, in the post, they claim that they can show you how would you look after 5 years, how would you look after getting old or who like you the most, how many people like you, etc. to know about it you only need to click on the app or website after clicking the app or website you need to allow the permission to know your future details or to know about your love once, but once you allow the permission the owner of the app or website steal your data and according to your data they show you the details and you get happy but in reality, they steal your personal details and some of them use your details against you so you should check what kind of details the app or website are taking to show you the result before allowing the permission so that you can be saved.
  3. Adult content- The third reason is 18+ content, most of these mistakes are done by teenagers, and also some are adults, most people think before seeing 18+ content or video they should be on incognito mode on the google chrome browser so that they could not get tracked or nobody can steal the information but this is not true in incognito mode the IP address is always visible through which you may easily get hacked. So to be saved from it you should always use VPN before visiting 18+ content.
  4. Same password- just because of difficulty to remember multiple passwords most people use the same password everywhere like in Gmail, for login to a website or app, or in the social networking site for easy to remember but in this case if anyhow one of your Gmail or other account get hack than there is a lot of chances that you’re all of the accounts can get hacked, so you should never use the same password everywhere you should use a different password to save your account if one gets hacked.
  5. 2-factor authentications- you may have many personal accounts where could have many sensitive data or information to make them save you must always use 2- factor authentication (2 step verification), if you are not using 2-factor authentication then you may easily get hacked by the hacker and can use your sensitive data against you, they can easily fraud you after getting your details, so please active 2-factor authentication to be saved.
  6. Free public WiFi- nowadays everyone loves to use free things, you may get free wifi in many places like in public places, shopping malls or in restaurants without any password and people start using it, but, this is also very dangerous you should never do this because many of the hackers set free WiFi in the public places like a trap if someone uses that WiFi then the hacker starts stealing the personal details, so if you see free wifi in public places so please beware of this because nowadays you will get nothing is free.
  7. Dating app- This mistake are done by the bachelors who are finding a girlfriend online through the help of a dating app, here the app claim that you will get very easily a good girlfriend you just need to download and fill in personal details and you are ready to go, but again this is also can be stuck you in a serious problem because most of the girls are fake and if real than also there is a chance that they can fraud you if those girls in dating app get your sensitive details then they start blackmailing you and demand money for those sensitive details, so please beware don’t share your any personal details blindly.
  8. Inappropriate photos or videos- mostly this mistake done by the girls they share their inappropriate photos and videos on the social networking site like in Facebook, Instagram, etc publically, so you should never share your inappropriate photos and videos publically because who knows that may be someone is trying to take your inappropriate photos and videos to use against you as a weapon, so please never share your inappropriate photos and videos publically you may face some serious problems.

So these are the 8 common mistakes that people do while using the internet and get hacked by hacker’s through which hackers start scamming you and you will not get any information about it, in most cases hackers target the Bank account so that the hacker could steal money from the Bank account. So please don't share details in any untrusted app or website and follow those 8 steps to beware of fraud.

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