Who is the biggest fraudulent sellers of the free-fire community

Who is the biggest scammer of the free-fire community

Know about the biggest scam and scammer in the free-fire community and how this scam occurs and how it works?

Free fire scam

Nowadays new types of scams have appeared scammer are using popular games for scamming many of the people got scammed most of them are children, this scammer mostly target 10 to 16 years old children, normally in this free fire scam, multiple scams occur like ID scam, redeem code scam, etc.

Biggest fraudulent sellers of the free-fire community

Today we going to aware you of the biggest scam in the free-fire community, in this scam, the scammer are itself a top-level gamer of free fire during the game this top-level scammer scam their gaming partner, the scammer sells the diamond, hack, and premium suite, etc. through were some innocent player gets trapped in their scam and share their bank card details in the hope of leveling up and getting the hacking feature, Diamond and suites, etc. after getting the card details scammer to start stilling money from your bank account.

Recently one of the biggest scam cases has appeared through free fire where a father lost 8 lakh rupees just because of his own son, the father save the money for giving marriage to his daughter but the father lost his saving because of his own son, to a rich higher level and hacks son share his father bank card details to the scammer which is his gamming team member, the boy didn’t have knowledge about the card he simply shared the card details to his teammates and the scammer still 8 lakh rupees from the bank card.

How free fire scam works?

In this scam, scammers are the gaming teammates whenever the player enters the free fire game the player gets a random player here random player may be a good player or maybe a scammer if the player gets the scammer in the game then the scammer make friendship with the player and temptate the player by saying that the random player (scammer) will provide the player Diamond, hack and suits and try to convince the player for their deal after convincing scammer asks for card details for diamond and hack to complete the purchase for the game but after getting the details of your bank card the scammer starts stealing the money from the bank account, they sell you some hacks and diamonds to win your trust and temptate you to buy more hack and diamonds so that player can rich high level but this will not happen, the scammer uses your bank money for some purchase for the game and they stole the rest of the money from your bank account.

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