amazon 30th-anniversary free gift

amazon 30th-anniversary free gift

know about Amazon 30th-anniversary celebration, how to claim the gift, and amazon 30th-anniversary free gift is real or a scam. 

Amazon 30th-anniversary free gift

Nowadays many of the people getting the amazon 30th-anniversary free gift link in WhatsApp this link is spreading very fast through the WhatsApp, this link claim that amazon is giving free gifts like expensive phones, gift voucher, and money, etc in their 30th anniversary of amazon, but this is not real it is a scam Amazon is not giving any free gift, there is a third party that is using the name of Amazon as a celebration of Amazon's 30th anniversary and providing a chance to win an expensive prize, which is totally fake Amazon is not giving any prizes it is a new way of cheating or being scammed.

How does amazon 30th-anniversary scam work

Amazon’s 30th-anniversary free gift link is spreading very fast in WhatsApp, when you get this amazon 30th-anniversary free gift link in WhatsApp which can be sent by your relatives, friends, or another person you may think that it is real, in the first look, everything looks like real after clicking the link to get the gift the new page appears saying that congratulation! You have won a new 5G expensive phone to claim this you only need to share it on WhatsApp, they say that you need to share in 5 WhatsApp groups or have to share with 20 friends in WhatsApp to get the gift, in the page it also says that you need to share it until the blue bar is full and after that only you will get the gift after completing the task you have to click in continue which takes to another page where you have to fill the captcha and download the app and according to there instruction this is the final step were you have to download and open the app for 30 seconds which is very important to get the gift, and again when you continue another page open which is look like lucky draw where you have to click in the push and start the lucky draw through where you will get the gift, after spinning there is a 100 person chances that you will get a prize in 2 attempts and after gatting the prize the attempts again it takes you to another page where they how you the common price and your price like common price is 1399 rupees and your price after draw is 0 ruoees which look not so expensive giftes but suddenly another notification comes which say that you have been selacted to win a Apple iPhone 12 pro max! And ask you to allow the notification and after that, you have to answer some of their simple questions, after giving the question again another page open which is very similar to lucky spin it says that play and wins, try your luck when you open some box you won the prize, there is 100 person of chances that you can win the price in 1 to 2 attempts through where you won Apple iPhone 12 pro max and to clime the prize you have to call on their given number which is mentioned on their fraud page when you call on there given number they steal your all the personal details, they will empty your bank account, you will unable to do any things against them except filing complain at the police station.

Amazon free gift scam process

After clicking on the link first thing they said to do is share the link with more people to win the prize but they using sharing method to scam more people.

The second thing new page open and says that to get the link you have to download and open the app for 30 seconds through where they steal your every personal data.

The third thing they show is the luck draw page to make you think that this is really happening and you win the prize in 1 or 2 attempts.

Fourth things after winning you show that the price is not so expensive but again another notification comes and it says that you are selected to win an Apple iPhone 12 pro max! play and win, this is another lucky draw where you chose the box and win a prize here also you won the prize in 1 to 2 attempts.

Fifth thing after playing and winning they ask some simple questions about you and you have to give an answer to get the winning prize.

Sixth thing after giving all the answers again they say that to get the pize you have to call in the given number but after the call, you will not get any prize, instead of getting a prize, you will lose all your personal information, money, and be hacked by hackers.

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