Freelance typers work from home job fake or genuine

Freelance typers work from home job fake or genuine

Know about website how you can earn good income through it and how Freelance typers works or it is a scam website.

Freelance typers

Freelance typers is a website that claims form where you can earn a good income through typing work, in this website more than 1 lakh people works and ern according to the company which is shown in their website through the number like total works, verified workers, according to the website it has lots of works and whenever people complete there works the websites pay money for there works. you just need to signup and start typing work and earn money according to the Freelance typers website, but in reality, it is a genuine website, it is a scam.

Freelance typers Scam

In the beginning, Freelance typers website is good and genuine website, their rating and the review is also good and even freelance typers give payment to every freelance typer worker for their work in the beginning but now this website stop paying money to the workers for their work, instead of paying money they start scamming the people, whenever someone tries to withdraw the money after completing the work or task the company says that first, you have to deposit some amount to withdraw money like 25 dollars or 26 dollars but after depositing you will never get your payment for your work and even they never return your money, so please be aware of this website nowadays many websites have appeared that claim that they can provide an opportunity of earning money online with data entry or typing jobs but in reality, they are scamming the peoples, they may pay money in the beginning but later on, they stop paying money and start scamming peoples so please beware of this websites.

How Freelance typers works is a world best market place for online work that provide online earning opportunities according to the websites, it is a typing work website through which you can earn lots of money according to the website, to work on Freelance typers website you need to visit and before registration you need to give a typing teast which can be pass very easily, after typing test you need to fill up the details like name, email id, mobile number, creat password, conform password, after filling the details you have to click in “creat Freelancetypers account” and than your account will be created, after creating account than ypu have to login the account and when you login you will get to see that lots of works are available with rewards and time allotted  and action, in the beginning first of two work will be unlock and rest of the work will be locked, to get payment you need to give your bank details but you should never do this because it is not safe, there are many reasonst poved that this website is a scam website following are the reasons-

  1. While opening the website it responds very slow you may think there is a network issue or web traffic but in reality, it is a slow responding website if this website is a genuine website then it will never let their website respond slowly because it decreases the impression and rating of the website.
  2. You cannot contact them because there are no valid numbers where you can call and solve your issue if you click on contact us on their page you have to give your name, email, and your message but even after submitting those details on the contact us they never reply you.
  3. If you click on the about us page then you find that there are no proper details and addresses on their about us page which is another reason for scam websites because genuine websites never do this they make theirs about us page with proper details and addresses.
  4. and if you visit now in shows an Error: Server Error.

So there are some reasons that prove that it is a fake or scam website please beware of this, nowadays this kind of scam is spreading very fast and most of those scams is about jobs because due to this pandemic period everyone likes to work from home and earn extra money but the sad truth is scammer are taking huge advantages of it, so please beware.

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