Is Adani solar rental online job is legit

Is Adani solar rental online job legit or scam

Adani Solar is real and legit but, many of the scammers are using the company name and misusing it, know-how. 

Adani solar

Adani Solar is India's largest solar company and one of six publicly traded companies in the Adani Group with a combined global market capitalization of $100 billion. The company has built an infrastructure portfolio with a global presence in the transport and utility services sector.

As the nation's largest and first vertically integrated solar manufacturer, Adani Solar offers a full spectrum of photovoltaic products and services. By sourcing machines and equipment from best-in-class suppliers, the cutting-edge technology is designed to ensure cost leadership, the scale of operations, and reliability standards as per global benchmarks. With its expansion, Adani Solar is now one of the top 15 global solar manufacturers. The company offers and produces high performance, high efficiency, and high-reliability PERC, Bifacial, Multi, and Mono modules.

Adani Solar is legit and trusted company, the website Adani solar is registered on 2014-11-19 which means the domain is old and you can trust their website, but some of the scammers are misusing the company name like they send emails to the people in the name of the company where they are willing to give a job in Adani solar with good income and for proceeding to the next step they ask to deposit money in their bank account. 


Adani solar rental online job

Many people have recently been receiving fraudulent emails, phone calls, and other communications about employment opportunities at Adani Group but they never email or make a phone call to the people, and also they are never willing to give jobs in the email or phone calls if they need candidates they just simply post on their website and you have to apply for it first.

If candidates are asked to deposit money with the agency or in their bank accounts before proceeding to the next step in the recruitment process then you should not deposit the money because in real scammer are the one who asks for money. 

The Adani Group did not send the emails to the people, scammers are the ones who sent emails to the people which is like a trape.

Adani recruitment or selection process, they never ask you for any money, please do not respond to any of these emails if you have received one. Please beware of Fraudulent Recruiting.

Adani solar earning app

Is Adani solar rental online job legit or scam

Besides those fraud emails and calls, the scammer found another way to steal money from the people, in this scammer has created an earning app called Adani solar power app where you have to invest first to start earning, it is like you buy any equipment or plan and you get paid for it daily just like rent, but they only pay you once or twice to gain your trust into the app, after trusting there app they convince you to invest huge amount to get good daily income, but this all is just a trape once you invest more you will never be able to recover your money, and in the end, they stop withdrawal and close the app. Currently, this app is closed. The website( of this app is registered on 2021-07-11 and updated on 2021-08-12, and it will expire on 2022-07-11, but the website is closed before its expiry date.

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