Is kaka water purifier app is safe for earning

Is kaka water purifier app is safe for earning

Is the kaka water purifier app is safe for earning or it is a scam, and what are the problem that faced by the users in the kaka water purifier app?

Kaka Water Purifier Application

Kaka Water Purifier Application, You will also get to see this application on Play Store but if you open it then you will get to see its interface, Kaka Water Purifier Application is like a power bank application, which scams 250 crores inside India, to start this app first you have to log in the mobile number and password in it. After login or registration, you have to recharge and purchase the plan to start earning, 

The plan purchasing system of Kaka Water Purifier 101 is, if you buy a plan with 300 then you will get ₹ 15 daily, if you buy a V with 3.500 then you will get ₹ 180 daily, if you buy 18000 plan then you will get daily ₹ 996. If you click on the home button then you will get to see the recharge option from where you can recharge and start investment according to the plan, you should not buy any plan here this app is run by a scammer. You should not invest any money otherwise you will be responsible for your loss.

Kaka water purifier app safe or not

Kaka Water Purifier Application is just like a power bank application, which is also available in the play store before, the power bank app has scammed 250 crores of money in India. The concept of power bank application is that you have to purchase some plants or have to complete some task to earn money, the same methods have been used in the kaka water purifier app, the kaka water purifier is also available in play store and many of the people are thinking that it is genuine but it is not, it is a fraud application, this application will do the same like what power bank app did previously.

How this application scam

In the beginning, they give money to their user so that more and more people can join and invest in their app, they don’t know much about it, they just simply invest a small amount and also get paid daily for their investment, but this is only a trape of the scammer, they give money to the users only in the beginning to tamptate them so that they can trust their app and start investing a huge amount in the hope of getting daily good income, when more and more people join and invest on their app and when more money gathered through the app then they stop withdrawal, they collect all the money and close the app, you cannot even take any legal steps against them because the app is run by the outer country like RUSSIA, CHINA, etc. So please beware of it.

Birth of Kaka water purifier websites

The Domain name is which is registered on Registrar by, the domain of this kaka water purifier is registered on 2021-07-14 which means it is a new website, the domain will expire on 2022-07-14, and it is updated on 2021-08-04, the address is State Jiangsu, Country CN, the address are not real.

Problems faced by the users in-app

very soon this app will be closed because many of the problems arise in this app which are the symptoms of shutting down of app, some of the symptoms are-

  1. Payment refuse.
  2. Never-ending withdrawal process.
  3. Automatic changes of bank details in-app.
  4. Incorrect password.
  5. Changing the account number.
  6. Stop daily earning.

Please beware this app will close soon this is the stapes that the app owner takes to before closing the app, some of the examples of this app are the power bank app, sharing life app, etc.

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