Paypal is a fake or real

Paypal is a fraud or real

Paypal is fraud or real, is PayPal is safe to use, what are the types of PayPal scams and what are they.

Paypal is a fake or real 

PayPal is not actually a fraud, this is a very good service, with the help of this you can manage your account. you can earn money if you are a reliance or you are a blog writer. Suppose if you are a blog writer, you write your blog for a website, it has become a lot of different ways like freelance journalism, you are a journalist for a foreign country, you can also earn money from this PayPal and can withdraw to your bank account. But some of the scammers scam people in the name of PayPal.

PayPal safely

Normally to transfer money from one account to another account bank details are required but in Paypal, there is no need for bank details, you only need an email id to use a PayPal account which is supposed to be linked to your PayPal account, which means your bank is completely secure so that the privacy of your bank remains with you if you want to send money to any person than the person who receives money should also have a PayPal account.

Paypal is very secure and safe, no one can get frauded from legit PayPal, but there are chances that you can get fraud by fake email from PayPal, by login on fake Paypal website, by gatting fake payments for your work.

Type of PayPal scams

Top three most dangerous Paypal scams, there are three most common scams that the scammer uses to steal money or personal information. Following are the three most common types of Paypal scams.

Type 1

Number one is how you're most likely to get scammed while using PayPal so make sure to PayPal is easy to use, it's safe, it's practical, it can be trusted, but do you know who can't be trusted through scammers, the emails they(scammer) send you pretending to be PayPal, it is an email phishing scam, you receive a strange email, on the email, they left a link, if you click on that link it will direct you to a PayPal looking website but guess what it’s not the real PayPal website it's a fake, on this PayPal looking website you're supposed to sign in with your real email address and your real password and if you're negligent enough and you actually try to sign in, then your account is about to be compromised through the scammer.

Type 2

Number two, now the paypal money generating scam works, because there are many ways to make money online and people believe everything they see on the internet the paypal money adder it's an approved service or whatever promises you to add real funds onto your paypal balance this service ofcourse costs you money but it's like you know you pay ten dollars and you get a thousand on your paypal balance, that sounds like a good deal but in reality they don't add money to your paypal balance all of this are fake they never give you money, instead of giving money they try to steal you money, they also want to steal vital information from you through the app, it begain with your email address, now many people think that leaving your email address all over the internet is pretty harmless like it does seem harmless right except it’s not the reason scammers want to get their hands on your email address is because they are creating huge databases of people's email addresses which then they sell to be companies that are willing to pay big bucks for these databases and why do big companies need all these mailing lists well to send you all those spam emails that you have no idea how you get.

Type 3

Number three, the hackers code a freaking fake PayPal application, which looks like legit PayPal apps, this app looks just like PayPal and they can hook you into downloading it by sending you emails like PayPal app promotions and upgrades and whatnot, and after you download the app you log in with your PayPal password and email address and after that, you lose your account and money permanently by the scammers, to avoid this scam make sure to always check PayPal’s official website by accessing it with its recheck it, if they indeed have promotions or upgrades because if they don’t well you know the word it's a scam.

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