Beware of Amazon jobs and work from home jobs.

Beware of Amazon jobs and work from home jobs.

Complete details of genuine and Fake Amazon jobs and Amazon work from home jobs, also with the conversation between user and fraudster.

Amazon jobs

Amazon gives many jobs opportunities to unemployed people, they give jobs in Management Advertising and Marketing, Customer Service, Education, Human Resources, Sales and Retail, Business Operations, Admin and Office, Manufacturing and Warehouse, Science and Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Art, Fashion and Design, Healthcare, Legal Media, Communications, and Writing.

Amazon gives job opportunities in both visiting office jobs and works from home jobs but many of the fraudsters are misusing the name of Amazon to steal money from people, there are also fake and genuine jobs from Amazon, first know about the genuine jobs from Amazon, Some of the genuine jobs are--

Amazon Flex Jobs for Freshers

Amazon India is currently seeking a 2 wheeler rider with good knowledge of delivery and e-commerce services such as logistics, partner delivery, and customer satisfaction. Courier Delivery / Pickup Boy, Salary: 15000 to 40000.

Software Engineer / Software Developer
Work with multiple platform teams to design, develop, and deploy new features for our Web and Living Room apps. Create highly innovative, consumer-facing Web and Living Room applications using best-in-class programming skills. Create clean, maintainable code and perform peer code reviews. Examine design approaches, prototype new technology, and evaluate technical feasibility with other team members. etc.

Packaging & Scanning Executive
Amazon Warehouse is hiring candidates with 1 year of experience for the Packaging & Scanning Executive job. The candidate would be responsible for managing inventory and warehousing. Packaging job seekers can apply directly.

Fake jobs from Amazon

This will begin with an email notification stating that you have been selected for this specific position. The next step will be to ask for basic information such as your name, email address, phone number, and some references, education details, and so on.

Once you provide these details, they will enter them into their database and proceed to the next step, which will be to ensure that they know how to arrange a telephonic interview with you.


Between the last set of interviews with an HR representative, which would be drawn from their chart, the first round of interviews would be from the department, so it sounds like a normal interview, well, you're getting me right that's exactly what companies usually take are the interview process or employers like how the first or second round of interview is done so once they schedule a short interview with the phone they will get back to you soon with the offer letter you heard me offer again With the letter that will look exactly like the exact offer letter that amazon Povich amazon usually issues so this offer letter will have some details, for example, they have to join date will start from joining date they have left details they will have They will also have the details of the working hours. Additionally, they will know all the policies that were discussed during the telephone interview and you know all the salary structures, for example, you have negotiated for a specific amount.

All those details of the salary will be there in the offer letter, so once you get the offer letter you are almost thrilled and you are almost happy with the fact. You will be very excited about it but then comes to the next process, the first thing they ask you to deposit a specific amount and will ask for senior micro company senior recruiting officer is in the account and they will also mention in the email that he should like deposit his amount is that specific amount which is returned within seven days after training, after training and completing payment they give identity code and identity card like a gate pass but as soon as you deposit the money you are in a death trap. Within a matter of hours, you won't be able to trace where these people came from, where these things happened, or how fast it all went away. 

Be aware of fraudsters

It is important to be aware of all the things that can make you fall into the traps of these fraudsters, and I will only suggest some things that will allow you to safeguard yourselves. Firstly, there is no charge for recruitment, please make sure no company charges you for recruitment. Secondly, make sure when you're being called and being asked to make a telephone call, that everything is clear and that everything is just a one-shot interview question, offer letters were extremely easy to issue, etc. then please don’t fall into it, it can be a trap of depositing money to get the job because eventually, it will never happen it happens. try face to face interviews don't fall into the trap.

Amazon work from home

Following are the sample of some of the genuine amazon work-from-home jobs which is available and can apply online.

Amazon Recruitment 2021 - Amazon Work From Home - Prod Compliance Sr...
Apply for a Prod Compliance Sr. position at Amazon Private Limited. Associate positions are available across India. A Bachelor's Degree from any recognized.

Amazon Work From Home Jobs 2021 / Amazon Work From Home Jobs.

Amazon Work From Home Jobs, Salary Package: 25000 - 50000 a Month, Duration: 0 - 2 years, Job Location: Work From Home, Qualifications: 12th, Language: English/Hindi

Information about the job -

Virtual amazon customer care jobs, Amazon work from home jobs, Amazon data entry work from home jobs, Amazon online work from home jobs, Amazon looking to hire 250 work from home employees, Amazon customer service work from home jobs.

Amazon Jobs Work from Home for Freshers 2021.

The Amazon Work from Home Jobs for Freshers 2021, Job Responsibilities: Virtual Customer Service Associate, Salary: ₹25,000 a month, Company: Amazon, Location: Remote, Working hours: 8 hours.

Amazon work from home fake Jobs

Amazon gives work from home job opportunities but not every time, maximum of the amazon work from jobs on the internet are fake, those amazon jobs are trapped which is seated by the fraudster with the intention of stealing the money from the people in the name of Amazon. There are 2 types of traps, one is starting from SMS and another one is starting from job research on the internet.

SMS trap: here fraudsters directly send an SMS from Amazon where they pertained to provide part-time jobs with a daily salary of 5000, after that they add a WhatsApp link from where you can contact them, once you click on the link they start using their frauding method to job seekers. The sample of fake job messages from Amazon and getting work from home jobs online are given below--

“Dear Sir

I am an Amazon project manager, we are hiring a team, you can work from home, daily salary: 5000+watsapp understand


work from home jobs online: it occurs when someone searches for a job and visits their website to get the job, after visiting the website again visiter gets a WhatsApp link to contact them,  after clicking the link the game of fraud starts. So, please beware of it.

Conversation On WhatsApp app

There are lots of similarities in their strategy of stealing money from the people, the following are the types of conversation between fraudster and user.

Beware of Amazon jobs and work from home jobs.

Type one

Fraudster: Hello, I'm Amazon Tata recruiters need an easy part-time job?

Me: yes

Fraudster: This part-time job requires knowledge of online shopping. Have you ever shopped online?

Me: yes

Fraudster: Use your mobile phone to complete our work at home and earn commissions.

Job Description. Help major merchants to increase their shop sales by completing virtual tasks online. Merchants pay us a %20 commission.

Me: Ok tell me more about it

Fraudster: Our work requires 300 start-up capital. Our company gives you 100, you only need to add 200 to start the task to earn commissions. Are you interested in joining?

Me: yes

Fraudster: The top-up 200 is only for activating the account, and only the staff who proves that the activated account is valid are eligible to get the 100 and withdraw cash.

Me: ok

Fraudster: You have to understand, what can you get after topping up 200 rupees? How much can you get in return, what are you still hesitating?

Fraudster: Take a screenshot after registration, and I will teach you the next step

Me: OK, 

Fraudster: Successful recharge, start grabbing orders, complete order transactions, withdraw 300-500Rs

Is the registration completed?

Me: yes

Fraudster: OK, top up your account now with 200rs to activate your working account

me: No tell me first What are the task and how can I complete them, after that only I will top-up or recharge.

Fraudster: No reply.

Type two

Fraudster: Hello, nice to meet you, are you here to apply for an online part-time job? We only need a mobile phone to work from home

Me: Yes

Fraudster: Can you tell me your name?

Fraudster: How old are you this year?

Fraudster: I will introduce you to our work

Me: Mukesh age 22

Fraudster: Let me briefly introduce the specific work content.

1. Our job is to grab orders on the shopping platform, help the online store increase sales, and pay according to tasks. Every time you complete a task, you will get the corresponding commission income.

2. Earn 1,000-10,000 rupees every day, and rebate within 3-5 minutes after completing the task!

3. As long as there is a mobile phone, the time and place can be arranged freely.

Are you interested?

Me: yes

Fraudster: In order to better understand this way of making money, I will send you a link. First, you need to register for an account. After registration, a reward of 68 rupees will be automatically allocated.

Fraudster: Please open the link

Just fill in the invitation code: 286563

Fraudster: Register an account that belongs to, and then take a screenshot to me, I will teach you how to make money

Me: ok

Fraudster: Please provide a screenshot of your account information

Me: ok

Fraudster: Now teach you how to operate the task and earn 200 rupees in 10 minutes. Do you have time?

Me: yes

Fraudster: Okay, next will provide you with some tasks for you to choose, check the tasks you want to perform

Fraudster: Now, I have the following three order tasks for you to choose to complete

You can perform three tasks:

1. Recharge 200 earn 168  withdraw 368

2. Recharge 500 earn 350  withdraw 850

3. Recharge 1000 earn 600  withdraw 1600

Fraudster: What job do you want to do, please tell me

Fraudster: You need to choose one of the above three tasks to start your task. After completing the task, I will teach you how to withdraw money

Me: chosen 1

Fraudster: Okay, now please recharge 200rs to your part-time account. I will teach you to do tasks and withdraw money

Me: I don't have money, once I get the money I will pay you

Fraudster: No reply.

Type three

Fraudster: Hello, I am your part-time consultant, my name is  Seema do you need a part-time job

Me: Yes

Fraudster: Do you need a part-time job

Me: Yes

Fraudster: Please provide your name, age, education, current occupation, so that we can better match the task order for you

Me: Name Nelson 

Aage 22

College student

Occupation nothing

Fraudster: Can I ask you a few questions before introducing the job?

Me: ok

Fraudster: 1. Have you ever shopped online?

Fraudster:  2. After shopping, do you check the store's sales rate and store ranking order?

Fraudster:  3. Has the same product been compared between different merchants?

Me: 1 yes

2 yes

3 don't know

Fraudster: Our part-time job is mainly to improve the sales and ranking of the store, which will give the store more opportunities to appear in the front row.

Me: ok

Fraudster: The working method is very simple. You only need a mobile phone to earn your income easily. You can work anytime, anywhere.

Me: ok

Fraudster: Job content: members can get orders every day, the price of each order is different, the commission earned is also different, you can withdraw the amount in the Hype account to the bound bank card at any time

Fraudster: For example, if the price of a product is 100, you need to buy this product virtually online, the sales of the product will rise, and the ranking will naturally rise. Then the merchant will pay a commission of 25-50% of your product. So you will get 125 or 150.

Me: Ok tell me more

Fraudster: Quite frankly, it is to help the big merchants increase sales and reward you with the number of transactions. For every successful order, you earn a commission and the seller earns the reputation

Fraudster: Get the order-pay for the goods-complete the order-the merchant pays you the principal + revenue-withdraw

Me: Tell me how can I start

Fraudster: You must register for an account before you can start this work. Your commission for completing tasks every day will also be sent to your account. After successful registration, you will get a reward of 100rs.

Fraudster: After successful registration, you send me the screenshot and I will tell you what to do next

Me: ok

Fraudster: Follow the arrow in the picture to receive a screenshot of the task and send it to me

Me: ok

Fraudster: The task assigned to you by the merchant is 199, you now have 100, so you still need to recharge 100 to complete, and return your funds and earned commissions immediately after completion. This is how we make money.

Me: ooo

Fraudster: Recharge 100 earn 140  withdraw 240. can you accept?

So these are the type of conversation which is used by the fraudster, some of them are merchants based jobs where you have to help merchants through online shopping to grow rating and impression of the products. the link which is under the conversation may not work after 1 or 2 months because they cannot play this fraud game for a long time.  Every time I start spinning boxes for my first task but it always shows more premium tasks than the current balance of my new account on the app, they did this spinning method to convince and make agree to the users to make a recharge or make top-up, after recharge some of them give money to the user but they give money only to make the user believe on their app and start investing more money in the hope of earning more money which is never happened in the end-user don,t get any profit and even unable to recover the money from the app. So please beware of all these are traps.

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