Flipkart job, Flipkart jobs recruit online, fake messages


Flipkart job, Flipkart jobs recruit online

Flipkart online jobs recruit and job messages from Flipkart and type of online job messages from Flipkart.

Flipkart Job message

Have you also received a message of this type in which it is said that Flipkart is offering a part-time job for increment and that You can earn from 8000 to 15300 to ₹ 10000 sitting at home very easily and along with it a mobile number is also given on which you can either click on it or talk directly? A link is given and a mobile number is also given where you can talk to the recruiter on WhatsApp.

Flipkart fake Jobs

So friends, moving forward in this sequence, if the person has received this job message from Flipkart or Amazon, then the people who are working at this time will ignore such messages, and those people who are currently searching for jobs will take the message very seriously and in such a situation they definitely click on the link and start chatting on WhatsApp.

When someone gets this kind of message and starts chatting with them after clicking the link from the message then the person is doing a huge mistake in the hope of getting a job on Flipkart. Every unemployed people wants jobs they get ready for kind of job once the person gets the message and click the link to get the job then the link redirects the person to WhatsApp and then the fraudster starts chatting and convincing the person to do their work.

They want to give you a good offer from where you can earn 2,000 to 5,000 every day when you agree to do their work they start explaining their work, they say that the work is to buy the product and sare screenshot to them after sharing the screenshot the buyer will get back the amount with the commission, they do this to grow the reading of the product.

When the person agrees to do the work then they give the link to download the app from where they give the missions as work, in the first mission the person has to pay 2000 rupees, in the second mission the person has to pay 5000 rupees, and in the third step the person has to pay 8000 rupees, but when the person has not enough money and wants to withdraw the money than the person realized that it is a fraud because the person unable to withdraw the money, in the hop of gatting the good commission and work money the person loses all the money that the person has.

Type of Flipkart job messages

Hi FIipkrat urgently recruits, maximum daily salary about 13,000Rs. Part-time or full-time, accept jobs on whatsapp: wa.me/918420360839 IYR

Hi Mr./Ms.(Certified) FIipkrat urgently recruits Part-job/Full-job. Maximum daily salary about 10000Rs. Accept Job on whatsapp: wa.me/919564858283 IYR

Hi (PPUMP) Flipcart recruiting for part-time jobs, you can earn 3000-10000 Rs every day, add JAI Whatsapp: wa.me/917618207571 TMD

Dear Flipkrt is urgently recruiting for part-time jobs, you can get 3000-7000 Rs every day, add Whtsp: wa.me/918590003631 -SPT . BITC

Flipkart online job, part-time job

So friends, online jobs, and part-time jobs, which you can do sitting at home, by pretending to have such jobs, these people get you from your account from 8000 to 15000 ₹ 20000 in a single day, within just a few hours. Do not pay any attention to whatever messages you see like this.

Today's date online job, work from home jobs or part-time job in the name of amazon brand or Flipkart brand is not genuine maximum of them are fake, it is a lot of scams as many Fraud touch is available in the market, do not pay attention to their words at all, before depositing money anywhere, before clicking on any link received on your mobile, always keep in mind that the link is not always genuine 90% of all the links that are sent to you get all these fakes.

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