New KBC Lottery, win 25,00000 from KBC.

New KBC Lottery, win 25,00000 from KBC.

Win a lottery of rupees 25,00000 from KBC with your sim number. Received audio messages and chat on WhatsApp, Know about it.

New KBC Lottery

First, they send you an audio message where they say that the person who sends the audio es from KBC, is  Customer Officer, the name of the person is Rajesh Sharma from Mumbai, they say in the audio that you who are running a sim inside your mobile whose number you have WhatsApp running mean the sim owner has won the prize from there company, sim user has won 25,00000 rupees liquor lottery has come out on this WhatsApp number and they congratulate you and your family from KBC.

After that, they tell the winner from where and how the winner has won the lottery, they say that 5000 numbers have Participated in the lottery from our company, the numbers are from Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, and Jio company out of 5000 numbers the company has chosen your number from which number you are running WhatsApp you have a lottery of 2500000 on this number.

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After the lottery explanation they that sir let me tell you this lottery from where else how will it be, sir I send you a number, etc which is in the chart, inside the chat letter they give the lottery number and manager number to get the prize, the winner has to inform about the lottery and lottery number to the manager, the winner cannot directly make a phone call winner have to make a WhatsApp call to the manager, then they will see the lottery number. If the winner asks and tells about the lottery number to the manager then the winner will get the rest of the detailed information, you will get the rest of the information after informing the manager. Please beware of this KBC lottery s fraud.

WhatsApp call to the manager

If you call from WhatsApp to the manager number then first you have to give your number and lottery number after that they congratulate you and say that if you want to claim your money then you have to pay tax for it, only after paying the tax they will send you the money, they give you 2 option for tax deposit.

The first option you have to share your bank details, OTP, pin, bank card number, etc. but once you share your bank details then you have to say bye-bye to your money from your bank account because they are the fraudster.

The second option is you can deposit money to their bank account for tax which is not so risky you will only lose the money which you send to the account in the place of losing all the money from the bank account. please beware of this KBC lottery they are the fraudster once you pay the tax they never send you the money and even they do not return your money which you deposit for tax even they never receive your call or contact you back after getting the money.

How to know genuine or fraud call

If anyone wins the lottery from KBC then they directly call you and inform you, to know about your lottery you should visit KBC official website where you have to enter your mobile number and lottery number after submitting you will get the result that you have won or not if then it is fraud call.

KBC never sends an audio message and chart to the winner and they never tell the winner to only make a WhatsApp call if you get a message like this then you should beware because it is a fraud call.

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