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we are here to stop frauds activities through our informatic Blog  

Hello, visitor, My name is Govind Bormon and I am an author of this blog. I have started this blog to make people aware of new and dangerous frauds, many people lose their money because of a fraudster or a scammer, I have faced fraudsters much time and now I understand their strategy and scheme, I can easily identify that the app, website scheme or any kind service on the internet is fraud or not.

We publish here articles related to fake or fraud in the following topic--
Advance Crime, App, Company, fake electronic devices, fake groceries, Health, Internet, Real Incident, Trap and problems, Cyber Crime.

we want every people to be aware of frauds or scams because every week many innocent people lose their money and life through fraud or scams, we publish this article to make people aware of frauds and scams. we will not stop until we explore and reduce fraud and scams.

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